How to Survive the Winter

freezing 1 freezing 2 freezing 3 freezing 4

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Christmas Spirit

spirit 1 spirit 2 spirit 3 spirit 4 spirit 5 spirit 6


Hey, did you know I have a Facebook page? Of course not, because I’m terrible at promoting everything! Go and like it so Facebook can stop reminding me how sad and unliked it is!

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Guns Don’t Kill People

gun 1 gun 2 gun 3 gun 4 gun 5 gun 6 gun 7gun 8I’m pretty sure they really don’t want to kill people.

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Halloween Costumes

costumes 1costumes 2costumes 3costumes 4costumes 5costumes 6costumes 7

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To Be Safe, Always Apologize

cleaning 1cleaning 2cleaning 3cleaning 4cleaning 5cleaning 6cleaning 7No matter how much I clean, I always feel the need to apologize for the state of my house. Maybe because that’s how I want people to think it looks all the time? Or I’m just really self-deprecating about my cleaning skills. (Probably both.)

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Effects of the Apocalypse on Marriage

apocalypse 1 apocalypse 2apocalypse 3 apocalypse 4 apocalypse 5 apocalypse 7 apocalypse 8 apocalypse 9

This reminded me of this old post I did, Only Driver in the World, and omg, look how cute my drawings were in 2012!

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How to Decide What to Eat


Playing chicken works every time. (Although you do have to get used to eating a lot of pizza.)

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Making Sense of the World

I didn’t finish my drawings in time to get it up this week, so I’ll leave you with this picture instead.

I came home the other night after work and found this. Apparently my puppy has OCD.


I guess the world can seem overwhelming even for a dog, but at least you can always organize your little corner of it.

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Just Like a Human!

navigation 1navigation 2navigation 3navigation 4navigation 6navigation 7

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Sleeping with Animals

pets 1 pets 2


Sorry for the long break without blogging! I went on vacation camping and I meant to schedule some reruns but I ended up getting stressed about my water and Ritz cracker supplies and forgot. Then I came home and was exhausted after sleeping on a deflating air mattress for five nights and a 12-hour drive home. Oh, and fun, I had fun too. We saw a lot of the mysterious jellyfish that have been washing up on the West Coast beaches. Pretty sure they might be a sign of the apocalypse. Wasn’t there a jellyfish on one of the seven seals or something?

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