Morning People

mornings 1 mornings 2 mornings 3

My tolerance for mornings is just steadily going down.

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Trolling in Real Life

Trolling 1 Trolling 2 Trolling 3 Trolling 4 Trolling 5 Trolling 6 Trolling 7

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Daylight Saving (Saves No One)

*So this happened before everyone had cell phones that automatically updated the time and your alarm for you. Kids these days will never know real struggle.

daylight 1 daylight 2 daylight 3 daylight 4 daylight 5 daylight 6 daylight 7

Plus, you know, leap years.

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Saying Things You Mean But Don’t

kissing 1 kissing 2 kissing 2.5kissing 3 kissing 4 kissing 5 kissing 6 kissing 7

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The Next Generation of Dog Breeds

terrier norgi hip dog Catish Dog

It’s actually really hard to draw a dog with a look of contempt. That’s the best I could do. I am pretty sure this is where dog breeds are going though. (Please adopt. I even made myself vomit a little when I was drawing that bejeweled one.)

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People Who Talk About Social Media the Most

I don’t know if this chart exists yet, but I just realized it and it needs to exist.

Social Media

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If Valentine’s Day Cards were Honest


valentine 1_edited-1 valentine 2  valentine 3

valentine card

valentine 4

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Repost: The Receptionist’s Revenge

You don’t know this, but tor the past 3-4 years, the “i” key on my keyboard has been broken. Do you know how often you use the “i” key? Okay, I didn’t use it at all in that sentence except to mention it, but I swear you use it a lot. That, on top of a seven-year-old computer and a tax refund, finally convinced me to get a new computer! Unfortunately, my old computer is so old that it’s going to take a thousand hours to transfer all my old files and apps, and another 500 to figure out a way to replace all the ones that are completely obsolete. In the meantime, I figured I’d repost an old favorite that I was just reminded of. Back soon, hopefully


My first job out of college was not the glamorous job I had dreamed of. I wasn’t an editor of some small but up-and-coming publishing house. I wasn’t writing articles for The New Yorker.

I was a receptionist.

When you’re a receptionist, people seem to forget that you need your personal space.

People also seem think that you’re their personal assistant just because you happen to answer the phone.

I needed the job, so I couldn’t say anything.

But I had more power than people gave me credit for.

Never mess with the receptionist.

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