Cities and Mountains

Once upon a time, I was born and raised in a small mountain town. Now I live in a city.

They aren’t really that different. The topography is similar. Cities and mountain towns both have tall things.

The people who live there both have names for each other.

They both need each other. Sort of.

You really don’t get to see how city people and mountain people interact very often except in bad romantic comedies.

Enter Ben Stiller getting chased by a bear while his girlfriend’s father chuckles with a shotgun slung over his shoulder. The girlfriend yells at Ben to stop running, and Ben looks over his shoulder and yells, “Are you crazy?! That’s a bear!” Wild antics ensue.

In reality, getting chased by a bear doesn’t happen very often. It’s only happened to me twice, and technically one of the times I might have been chasing it. I get chased by homeless people in the city much more often than I was ever chased by bears, and, personally, I’d rather take the bears. They bathe more often.

Anyway, I took some Anthropology classes in college, and I was this close to getting a minor in it, so clearly I’m well-qualified to study the distinctions between cities and mountain towns. I’ve done other stuff too, so I’m also qualified to talk about other things. Thus, a blog* is born.

*This is actually the seventh blog I’ve had, so hold off your congratulations until we make sure I don’t kill it from neglect. I figured I owed another attempt to the ten readers of my last blog.

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7 Responses to Cities and Mountains

  1. Maryanne says:

    As a girl born and raised in the suburbs I look forward to your insights because your worlds are very alien to me!


  2. Janet Creighton says:

    You clearly have a unique sense of humor ! Add one more to your reader list of ten …… keep this blog going…. we need to laugh at ourselves…..
    love your drawings… 🙂


  3. Dennis Lewis says:

    Being born in the land of Humboldt County (Scotia) amidst the majestic redwoods and raised in the Trinity’s (Zenia) then working in Alameda County (Newark PD) for 10 years and San Joaquin County (Lodi PD) for over 24 and having resided in the Stanislaus National Forest now for over 8 years, I think I can tell you unequivically, Flatlanders will be looking for a boat and/or “high” ground come the end of this spring when all this snow melts!!!!


  4. Well I read everything you wrote so far I think, but I did it all backwards…In one night… I was bored. Don’t judge. Now I feel like a creeper haha… =/


  5. AnomalousThoughts says:

    Awww, look at how much this blog has grown up.


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