Unicorn Blood Makeovers

I think everyone should accept everyone as they are, but sometimes I look at people and I think, “Honey, you really need to rethink that eyeliner,” because no one should accept bad makeup application. I know I’m setting myself up for scrutiny here because I’m not God’s gift to makeup, but sometimes I really want to set-up a little stall on the sidewalk and offer makeovers. Actually, when I was little, my dream was to be a hairdresser and stylist, although I can’t remember if that was before or after I wanted to be a zoologist.

Anyway, my makeovers would be the stuff unicorn blood is made out of – they would give new life to all who experienced one.

I know – anyone can set-up a booth. It’s the results you want to see. This is just a small sampling of my offerings.

It’s really about being more subtle. And whoever started the lip-liner trend needs to be shot… uh, shot with a bullet of good sense, I mean.

Grammar makeovers are extra.

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1 Response to Unicorn Blood Makeovers

  1. loverboy says:

    The before Blonde should say “your ho!” the the after “you’re hot!”


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