A Flowchart for Boring Mondays

A few years ago I was really bored at work on a Monday afternoon, so I made a flowchart about it. Since today is a rainy Monday (in the middle of May), I’m sharing the flowchart in case you’re bored too.

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6 Responses to A Flowchart for Boring Mondays

  1. Heather says:

    Love your blog, first one that I have actually enjoyed and subscribed to. Keep it up, so I can keep being entertained. This blog relationship is purely a selfish one.


  2. corinne says:

    This is exactly what my Mondays look like. I don’t admit it, though. I try to give the impression that I am accomplishing things. I spend time on blogs to keep me from posting more on FB. That way, people might think I’m doing things other than wasting time on the internet. I’m self-employeed and it’s working out so far, but this cycle is depressing when the boss you hate is yourself


  3. Le says:

    i could post this flowchart as my facebook status every day. this is the flowchart of my life.


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