Countdown to the Rapture

Is everyone still here? Don’t answer if you’ve been raptured or if you hate me.

Last night I couldn’t sleep (blog insomnia?), and I started hearing a low thrumming sound around 3:00 a.m. It kept going for around 30 minutes and I got myself convinced that maybe is was the Rapture and God decided to prove my flowchart wrong (because He DOES have a sense of humor). Then I realized it was the central AC. (In my defense, I haven’t lived in a house with central AC for seven years, and I think the Rapture would probably sound like a central AC kicking on.) So anyways, I’m off to the wedding, which happens to be by a lake, which hopefully won’t turn into a lake of fire.

I will have a drink for the raptured and unraptured at 6:00 tonight (assuming I’m still here)!

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9 Responses to Countdown to the Rapture

  1. Timothy Chen Allen says:

    That was hilarious. What will the anniversary conversation be? “Oh, what a lovely night it was; the band, our friends, the clouds lit up with the flames dancing in the lake…”


  2. gabrielaa. says:

    came to check if anybody has got raptured already- it’s 6:54 in *my* time zone. I´m still here. sigh


  3. Love your previous chart. Hilarious.
    Hope you are still here 😉


  4. Brenda says:

    Loved the rapture flowchart. Among other reasons glad it isn’t winter so I wasn’t wearing wool/linen blend I would surely have been a goner or should I say a stayer!


  5. jan hagan says:

    to funny, how do i get on the list, i want to be informed about how the world works, yours is much funnier than mine


  6. says:

    How does everyone behave when they hit church and look around? Casual? Happy? Smug? Desolate? Today would have been the day to go. Well, I just slept in instead. Really enjoyed the flow chart. Hope the wedding was fun. Keep it up..


  7. Karl says:

    check this out!! hahaahah he postponed it i guess :S
    here’s the link:

    oh and btw i love you.


  8. Kriss says:

    So, either we are all hanging out with the wrong people, or the rapture didn’t happen (or, for those who are firm believers, “…hasn’t happened yet…”.) Hope the weddng was wonderful, and inspite of how great the pictures would have looked, without a lake of fire!


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