Talking in the Third-Person

I was hanging out around a lot of families this last weekend and I noticed a strange little phenomena. Usually, when people talk about themselves in third-person, we think they are a little strange (or really strange). But that rule doesn’t seem to always apply.

Is it a general rule that you’re only supposed to refer to yourself as mom or dad once you have a baby? I’ve also noticed that you’re no longer allowed to call your spouse by their name anymore. It’s weird.

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3 Responses to Talking in the Third-Person

  1. Michelle Daugherty says:

    Yes, my Grandma used to always call my Grandpa, “Daddy”, when talking about him,
    I guess from when my Mom was little and I would be, ” are you talking about MY Daddy or Grandpa?” LOL
    Was confusing…

    I think we get used to calling ourselves by our titles so the babies will learn them and then when the kids get a bit older we still use it and then it just becomes habit. If I ever get married again, I will never call my husband, Daddy, other than to the kids directly, not as his title for me. ewww…lol


  2. pete says:

    The inverse of this happens also. As when someone says “When we built this house…”, but if asked a question about wiring or plumbing materials they’re lost because what they really meant was “When we hired someone to build us this house…”. No diss on the accomplishment, but you’re right it is confusing.


  3. Kriss says:

    Creepiest thing EVER is when couples refer to each other as “mom” or “dad” (or “mom” and “mom” or “dad” and “dad”…whatever…). Very very creepy.
    Also, don’t stress the numbers on your blog readers. What counts is that you are making a difference and brightening someone’s day, and that you are consistent, not the huge numbers. I only have one follower, but I keep on going!


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