Kickstart an Artist!

Hi everyone!

This is a short post to ask people who like art (I mean really good art, not my drawings) and who like supporting up and coming artists to go and check out my friend’s Kickstarter site. He is trying to raise funds to put out a book, but he only has five days left to make his goal. Here are some reasons to support him:

  • He helped get me my first job when I was 16 and broke (raise your hand if you worked at a movie theatre!).
  • If you pledge money, you’ll get sent something really cool, like books, t-shirts, and original paintings (depending on the level you pledge).
  • Your pledge will only be deducted if he makes his full goal, so you don’t have to worry about it going toward nothing.
  • He likes to draw monkeys.
  • He’s a dragonborn paladin (if you know what that means, you should definitely support him).
  • He’s so far raised $971 toward his goal of $2,500 – if I can help him meet his goal he will owe me his immortal soul, and I’ll share it with you guys!

I won’t normally hound you guys for anything, but he only has five days left to make his goal, and I figure it’s good karma for me to use my flowchart success for the powers of good. Help him out if you can, if not, I still love and appreciate you all!

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8 Responses to Kickstart an Artist!

  1. jan hagan says:

    well as a starving artist myself, i have no money to pledge, but have good wishes, and let him know i have a madagascar monkey eating dog named charlie, he is very rare, and at one time, before they became almost exstinct they roamed the forests and lay in the shadows under the trees, very quietly, and when a monkey would come down the trees he would eat one, (well only his family, not him), they are extremely rare, and quite beautful, gold on his shoulders, and on his back, the rest looks kinda like a tiger. blends very well with the jungle, slender long legged dogs with very small feet, weighs about 40 lbs, very sneaky dogs but quite beautiful. best of luck to you friend.

    jan in palatka


  2. anonymous the first says:

    hi there: I’d love to donate but am not comfortable with kickstart. is there any way your friend can add a Paypal link to his page? or I could just start at Paypal and send him something?


    • That’s nice of you! Kickstarter uses Amazon’s Flexible Service Payment, which is pretty safe. If you’re not comfortable but you’re really interested in the book, he’s going to be starting a website pretty soon. The purpose of the Kickstarter is to get enough starter funds for him to get his book published (and sent to you), so if he doesn’t make the whole goal the project won’t be funded. So for now, I’d say fund through Kickstarter, or wait until you can buy the book directly if he gets it published another way (assuming he doesn’t make his goal).

      Anyway, thanks for your interest!


  3. Kriss Clement says:

    Well, the idea of owning part of an eternal soul sounds very appealing, as does supporting an artist. Am unemployed, so can`t pledge much, and don`t have a credit card, but if you get in touch with me (email address) I`ll be happy to send a cheque for $10 (Canadian). Not much, but all I can squeak out. Let me know if he reaches his goal and I`ll pop it in the mail!


  4. gabrielaa. says:

    again: got here & nearly got a heart attack: my friend Franck de las Mercedes has a similar thing going in Kickstart & for a moment I thought you were Franck’s sister! I said (to myself): OK the world is a small place, but *this* small???


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