Peas, I Hate Them

I wasn’t going to put up this post until I had a chance to redo the drawings, but I don’t have anything else ready to go, so you’ll have to suffer through it.

Also, one of my coworkers (who’s about 50) is blasting Beck’s “We Got a Timebomb.” It’s weird, and it’s only 9:50 a.m. I think it’s going to be a long day.


A few people have asked me about the name of my blog. Both the “peas” and “cougars” refer to things in my childhood. The peas because I hated them (and still do).

My mom loved to make peas though even though she knew I hated them, so I would have to constantly figure out new ways to get the peas off of my plate without eating them.

I did the trick every kid thinks of — making a little hole in the middle of the pile of peas.

But that trick only worked a few times. I also tried putting the peas in my napkin or in my mouth, running to the bathroom, and spitting them out in the toilet, but there was only so many times I could excuse myself without drawing suspicion.

Eventually though, I thought of my best idea yet.

All I had to do was find a place to put the peas that didn’t link the peas back to me.

And what better place, then under my brother’s chair.

I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with such a perfect solution.

Of course, I didn’t think it entirely through, but the important thing was, I didn’t have to eat my peas, and I also got back at my brother for hogging the Super Nintendo all the time.

You might think I’ve outgrown my childish hatred for peas, but I haven’t. The other day I ordered a chicken pot pie at a cafe and before I could eat it I had to pick all the peas out and put them in a little pile on my plate (I forgot chicken pot pies had so many peas).

I really hate peas.

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12 Responses to Peas, I Hate Them

  1. fred says:

    John Lennon said “Give Peas a chance”


  2. Timothy Chen Allen says:

    I hate peas, too. Good people hate peas. You hate peas. Therefore you are a good person. I’ve always felt that peas (and beans in general) are like little sacs filled with mud. Peas are filled with green mud, making them even worse. The absolutely worst-est-est are lima beans.

    Keep writing. I heart your blog.


  3. Michele says:

    I would do the same thing. I hate peas. And your fear of mountain lions sleeping under you window pretty much came true in Montana. Here is an interesting snippet of an article about a mountain lion sleeping on a woman’s porch.

    Charlene Wilkinson just wanted to read the news — not be the news — when she picked up the newspaper off her porch Wednesday morning.
    Then she got a call from the Helena Police dispatcher shortly after 7 a.m., telling her to stay inside and move away from the windows because a mountain lion was curled up on her front porch, precisely where she had picked up her newspaper just five minutes earlier.


    • Crazy! We actually had mountain lion tracks outside our house fairly often, so one may have been outside my window at some point in my life.

      And I’m glad I’m finding so many kindred spirits in hating peas. We should start a Facebook group.


  4. Salime says:

    I don’t mind peas but I have a weird love hate relationship with carrots, I love them raw, I hate them cooked, but only in certain dishes, I am weird like that.
    And also LMAO at your brother, I will have to ask him


  5. maryanlibrarian says:

    My brothers and I used to chuck the stuff we didn’t like off of our back porch in the summers. One brother used to put the food he didn’t like in his milk glass (but was always caught). I tried the bathroom thing but my brothers had already ruined it….so I started hiding food in bizarre places after dinner – I really didn’t like hamburgers…years (we’re talking YEARS) later my mom found an old hamburger in both my old toy chest, and behind the refrigerator when she moved out of my childhood home….


  6. Don’t hate me cuz I like peas but I do like peas and I really liked this post. It was funny. Lima beans should be outlawed – those is nasty.


  7. Jill SeCoy says:

    Your mom was really evil! She claims to have no idea about your hate of peas…I don’t believe her.


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