“Do I Need a Drink Today?” Flowchart

Since it’s Friday I thought I’d make a flowchart so you all could decide what to do tonight. Hopefully I caught all my typos and I didn’t get any theology wrong. And if anyone says “it’s a good idea but poorly executed,” I’ll probably get violent. Just saying. I should probably also say that I’m referring to apple juice, obviously.

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8 Responses to “Do I Need a Drink Today?” Flowchart

  1. Tania says:

    Love it! And….of course, I need a drink!


  2. Timothy Chen Allen says:

    I’m one of those people who can’t drink (got tired of leaving the bar at 11pm and getting home in July), but I use the same rationale to work out whether I get a bowl of Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream.


  3. Your blog is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love every chart you’ve made.


  4. ArtsyNina says:

    I knew the answer before I even opened your blog….. LOL


  5. Drunkard says:

    I am going to drink right away. Shit! This is awesome


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