You Found Me!

Since it’s Sunday and the start of a new week, I thought now would be a good time to reflect how people have come across my blog through searches.

will i be raptured


i have to go now my planet needs me

Well, don’t let me keep you.

raptured facebook pic

A picture of someone raptured would be a picture of nothing, no?

how do you know if you were supposed to be raptured

I tell you.

flow chart when you ill

Um, I’m not sure I know what that means.

from god’s creation to cross flow chart

I’m guessing you were not stoked when you found my flowchart.

where is the wordpress logic that tells each page where to go

I have no idea. I’ve been telling WordPress for years that I cannot find the logic. If you find out, let me know.



colten overpeck

I don’t know who this is, sorry.

jewish flowchart

For the last time, it’s not Jewish!

rosy periwinkle flow chart

I’m not sure how that flowchart would work. Are you rosy or are you periwinkle?

yo ube


“kelly wells” “going to hell”

That’s not nice. You can’t tell anyone they are going to hell unless you are a robot, and even then, you’re going to be left behind too.

throw away your cigarrette buts please

Yes, please do. And since everyone is so intent on pointing out my typos, you spelled “butts” and “cigarette” wrong.

Don’t be embarrassed, sometimes I confuse the Google search bar for the address bar too.

peas cougars rapture flow chhart

OMG, you have a typo! You didn’t think thousands of people would see your search, but they did!

anders you mad

Seriously Anders, lighten up.

are you a prude flowchart

I’m not, but I’ll be happy to make you a “prude” flowchart for a nominal fee.

dating piano teacher

If your piano teacher is anything like mine, I recommend no.

birthday flowchart

I’ll make you one, but only because it’s your birthday. Otherwise you need to pay just like prude does.

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3 Responses to You Found Me!

  1. Alanna Coca says:

    Love it! This should be a weekly post. 🙂


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