Clicking Sounds

The Husband and I were sitting around the other night and I started to hear a clicking sound that was suspiciously coming from his direction.

Me: What are you doing?

Husband: What?

Me: What’s that noise?

Husband: Nothing.

Me: It’s not nothing, I hear something.

Husband: Don’t worry about it.

Me: I’m not worried about it, it’s annoying me.

Husband: Well, just don’t let it bother you.

Me: If I had the ability to not let something bother or annoy me, don’t you think I’d do it? I don’t want to be annoyed.

Husband: Well, you can just not let it bother you.


Sometimes, my lack of upper body strength scares me. I should probably work on on that.

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10 Responses to Clicking Sounds

  1. Carole says:

    well…now I want to know…what was it??


  2. Kathy Hyman says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, okay, I LOVE your stuff, the FLOW CHARTS are hysterical but this….. PERFECT!!!! You have just expressed Exactly what we all must feel!! Dumb asses….


  3. Kathy H says:

    Just read this to my husband. He said he agrees with your husband!!!!!! They are hopeless!!


  4. SimonB says:

    Now you see my wife would have just thumped me until I stopped clicking rather than taking it out on her clothes.


  5. Emi N says:

    My husband makes constant noises (tapping, clicking, sucking, breathing too hard) that drive me crazy. At some point, I truly believe that they do it intentionally.


  6. Guarionex says:

    HAHAHA! MAybe you should be scared at how strong fabrics are!
    But let’s be fair to the guys. We don’t all do annoying sounds.Personally, I can annoy people by sitting and just do that “impatient looking movement with my leg” while actually not being impatient. It drives people nuts. But hey! I’m not making any sound!


  7. Kathy H says:

    @ Guarionex – MEN! hahahahaha @Emi N – yeah that breathing on purpose is a real bummer!!!! HOW ABOUT SNORING????? OMG SNORING!!!!!


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