What’s a Title for Nothing?

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! I’m still sick, but I’m back at work because I work in the nonprofit sector which is always sorely understaffed, so being out sick one day is like being out sick for a week in the for profit world. Sort of.

I don’t really have a post worked up for today, mainly because I get annoyed really easily when I’m sick so any post I write would just be about how much I hate everything. (Like the car that nearly ran me over when I was walking to work this morning. Fucking cars.)

I also have a horrible memory when I’m sick. Probably because I’m so busy feeling sorry for myself that I don’t bother to remember whether or not I already put frizz-ease in my hair or if I ate breakfast or not. On the plus side though, I can act really curmudgeony and no one really cares since no one wants to come within ten feet of me anyway.

In actual blog-related news, I might attempt to start a Twitter, which I’ll link to my blog. I’m still not sure I’ll have anything to tweet about, but I guess that’s the challenge of Twitter – finding a way to make everyday things interesting in 140 characters or less. Otherwise I’ll just make things up and NO ONE WILL KNOW!

Did I mention that I ramble when I’m sick? Because I ramble when I’m sick. I also find strange ways of amusing myself, like coming up with the most unrelated and unhelpful tags for this post and then thinking of all the people who come across my blog when all they really wanted know was how to keep their memory intact when they’re sick because their office is understaffed.

Ok, I’m going to stop now. I swear. I’ll have a real post up tomorrow, and by real I mean I’ll make a few bad drawings for you. I actually do draw better in real life, but it’s hard to draw on computers since I have to constantly keep restraining myself from throwing my computer across the room when it doesn’t do what I want it to. Fucking computers.

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12 Responses to What’s a Title for Nothing?

  1. Michelle Daugherty says:

    You make my workday a little bit funnier every day! Love it!
    At least people read your blog. I guess writing about nonprofit and womens rights and fashion ans sex and self esteem just arent interesting to people. Maybe IIIIIII should start drawing pics too! LOL


  2. Sally 999 says:

    Just started reading today (I think I’ve now sent your Rapture flowchart to everyone I know). You’re hilarious – and rambling is an…important…social…something-or-other. Seriously, though, I know you’re sick but you made my day (and it’s really, in the end, all about me), so many thanks. Feel better…


  3. Kriss says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Guess making the world a better place is a couple of full-time jobs for you! Chin up, lots of liquids (of the good kind), and know that rambling is fine – it is, isn’t it? – I mean I ramble all the time – sort of – I mean…. 😀


  4. Timothy Chen Allen says:

    Yeah, go ahead and twitter. Even if you just tweet the URL of your latest post, that would be cool.

    You’re funny.


  5. patty says:

    wow, I just realized that you are a guy! only guys whine that much when they are sick. No offensed intended, every woman I have ever known agrees on this one point. It is absofuckinglutely universal. Hope you get better soon, so you can feel funny again.


  6. patty says:

    and I mean that in the nicest possible way…..


  7. anonymous the first says:

    the bad kinds of liquors make you feel better, though. oops, she said liquids, oh well.

    get well! curmudgeony is OK if it’s not aimed at me. 😛


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