Cat Shower

Everyone has their routine in the morning. Mine is taking a shower, and my cat’s is playing a prank on me. With a name like Hang Time, you’d think he’d be chill. You’d be wrong.

I try to be mad at him, but this is what I see when I get out of the shower (except a real life actually cute version, not a semi-scary cartoon one).

And yes, the tile in my bathroom really is that ugly.

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10 Responses to Cat Shower

  1. sue says:

    Cool shower dress.


  2. Lisa says:

    I like how you shower in a dress. 🙂

    My cat’s weird thing is to immediately jump in the shower after I’m standing on the mat drying off, and start drinking the water at the bottom. Gross, dude. I mean, I know you *love* me but COME ON.


  3. Kathy H says:

    I see the carefully placed suds… you are just the A-Line body type instead of the pear, or apple…. see the clothing manufactures KNOW NOTHING about a real womans body… cute cat!


  4. kallmaker says:

    Seems to me that your kitty is trying to alert you to the evils of water and bathing.


  5. Michele says:

    Awwwww…I’ve been kittiless for the last two years…the last two feral babies I adopted I lost within two years…haven’t been able to get past that yet…that and the vet bills killed my bank account. Enjoy your kitty!!!

    PS my neighborhood is cramped with ferals…so I have plenty of kitties around.


  6. Eleanor says:

    One of mine likes to jump onto the top of the shower cubicle and watch the action from there. He likes strutting back and forth and wobbling around up there. I just know that one day he will fall off and it will be a cat-claw-on-naked-flesh disaster!


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