Things that Make Me Sad

Shoes hanging from stoplights or power lines.

Homeless animals.

Businesses that don’t really have a purpose anymore.

Broken down old trucks.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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10 Responses to Things that Make Me Sad

  1. gabrielaa. says:

    hey! how depressing can you get on Monday night, huh?


  2. gabrielaa. says:

    plus: in my town, “Shoes hanging from stoplights or power lines” are supposed to indicate drug dealing…


  3. Mukel says:

    Getting rid of stuffed animals makes me sad. Throwing out any kind of animal figurine or doll makes me sad, too. It’s like it has a soul or something. I can see why some religions have a prohibition against graven images. It’s like you’re giving them a soul, and that makes you kind of like God. And it also makes you get attached to inanimate objects.


  4. Hybel says:

    The thing with shoes – I once got told by a cop, that it was marking what kind of drugs. there were sold there – depending of shoe colour. Scary and very sad…


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