Transportation Urination

I take the train everyday to work and back, and if you’ve never ridden public transportation during rush hours, people get really aggressive about getting a seat. If you don’t get a seat, it’ll probably be the day that it’s 90 degrees, the air isn’t working, and the train is so packed that it makes sardines in a can look comfortable.

However, if you ever take the train late at night, you quickly learn why you shouldn’t be so eager for a seat.

train ride

I wish I could say I’ve only seen this happen once. Moral of the story, if your seat seems damp, it’s probably better to stand up.

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6 Responses to Transportation Urination

  1. Amazing cartoon. Fortunately, the puiblic transportation system in Montreal seems less ‘damp’. Poor you! I find myself saying loudly “TAKE A BATH” more often than is probably polite (not to homeless people – not their fault), or complaining about too much icky perfume, but that’s pretty much the worse. Best of luck!


  2. Kathy H says:

    hahahahahahaha!!!!! Thank you, it has been an awful day and this made it so much better!!!!! Woman down the street has a 3 year old who she lets run naked… ALL THE TIME! The other day my little dog and I were on our way home the little naked boy is out in the front yard running around, TERRIFIED a cop is going to drive by and I will be looking at a little naked boy and go to jail and be labeled a pedophile for life I’m trying not to watch him and talk to his mom. She says – look over there – I look – little naked boy is holding his little willy and peeing on his father’s tire…. what is with men and their willy’s and peeing in public?


  3. SimonB says:

    Nice! Glad that doesn’t happen on my buses.


  4. Alanna Coca says:

    I admit, when i saw your little cartoon guy reach into his lap I saw this cartoon going a whole ‘nother way. Neither has a good ending though.

    We don’t have city busses around here. Now I feel like I’m missing out on a healthy slice of Americana.


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