Fight Sexism with Polls

So, I’m not sure why everyone is so averse to polls, but only about 15% of you actually completed mine yesterday. I don’t know how you expect me to do accurate scientific research with this kind of response rate. I asked my husband what he thought and he said he wouldn’t have answered the poll either if he didn’t know me. Why?! It’s one click! ONE CLICK!

Whew. Felt good to get that off of my chest.

Speaking of chests, I was in my office this morning and the receptionist stepped away from the phone so I answered because I’m a nice person like that. Some guy is on the line; here is our conversation.

Guy: Can someone help me?

Me: Sure, I can help you.

Guy: Um, ok…

Me: Something wrong?

Guy: Well, it’s just usually a guy who helps me.

Me: Excuse me?

Guy: Well, there aren’t many females in this business, so I’d feel more comfortable if a guy helped me.

Nothing like a hot cup of sexism to get your day started in the morning! As it turns out, he got us confused for a construction company, so I guess I sort of see his point about few women in the business, but still, SEXIST! Maybe I do work in construction and I happen to be an expert! I have done a lot of DIY home repair.

I was going to leave you all with a really clever and awesome poll, but then I thought maybe I should punish you for not participating in my last one. But then I thought that’s probably just what you want! Not to have to answer another poll! You almost got me there, but I’m too smart for that. So here’s another poll semi-related to this post. And if you’re deciding whether or not to answer, just remember, I’ll hate you if you don’t.


P.S. I should probably say that I’m not really this dramatic in person. Most of the time. I’m usually that quiet person near the back who is taking notes about everything you do so I can secretly blog about it later. Also, that pond simile I just came up with? Gold. I should probably write a book about men.

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9 Responses to Fight Sexism with Polls

  1. Kathy H says:

    Right!?! We can hammer shit, we can screw, we can saw…. he was a sexist pig! Great poll!


  2. Fred K says:

    Men are like ponds: When we are real quiet and you look at us, you see your own reflection.


  3. A woman of many poodles says:

    I thought men were bottom feeders. LOL! I didn’t answer your poll because that was not an option.


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  5. Stewie says:

    I love it that a post you write about sexism against women is followed by a sexist comment against men! Bottom feeders?! Just because most men would run a mile from a woman wth a poodle obsession… 🙂


  6. I am a dude and have had several customer service jobs where after speaking to a female who outranked me assholes (surprisingly both male and female assholes) would yell that they wanted to talk to the real boss and turn and explain their problems to me. Depending on the situations my responses would alternate between listening intently to what they had to say and getting them to drag out whatever it was that they were complaining about before redirecting them back to the higher ranking female they’d already spoken to and convince them to repeat everything they had just said twice only to receive the same answer and simply asking them to leave or hanging up on them whilst implying they were sexist jerkasses. I miss doing customer service work…


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