“Are You a Vampire?” Flowchart

Before we get down to business, I just wanted to thank you all. We went up to a 40% response rate on the poll! I always knew 40% of you had it in you. Also, I don’t think all men are sexist assholes. I was just caught up in the heat of the moment. You know I love you though.

Since today is Friday I worked up a special treat for you (I know, I say that every Friday). So, everyone is caught up with the vampire craze (I’m a True Blood fan myself, those are some sexy vampires), but have you ever wondered, Am I a vampire? Since flowcharts can obviously answer everything, I made one for you so you can know for sure once and for all.

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9 Responses to “Are You a Vampire?” Flowchart

  1. sayali611 says:

    Lol! I wish I could walk around with this flowchart and show it to all the ‘Twilight’ followers


  2. Whew. Fortunately I am not; however, it appears that I may need immediate medical attention.


  3. engheema says:

    This is hilarious!! Gonna link in it on my blogroll !


  4. Lafemmeroar says:

    According to this chart I’m definitely not a vampire. But, an ex-boyfriend once said that I “sucked the life out of him.” That either makes me a vampire or a succubus.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oh- too funny! Thank heaven I now have an answer and know that I am indeed, not a Vampire!


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