Search Recap – The Police

Here’s your weekly recap of the weird searches that came in this week. Exciting!

things that make me sad

Six people found me by this exact search. I should let you know, these are things that make me sad, not you. You won’t actually find things here that make you sad, unless we have the same sad things in common.

book smell for kindle

I know, right?

new book smell candle

If you like the smell of musty filling up your whole room, that might work.

funny flow chart for police

Like the band?

can’t stupid

Just try a little harder.

kelly wells says stupid shit

This again?

how to be a well liked liar

I guess I would advise to not let people know that you’re lying.

flowchart enter the bar

I only have experience with drinking at bars, I don’t know anything about passing the bar.

This isn’t a search, but it’s some funny spam mail.

It’s a fabulous pity you actually don’t enjoy a give money link! I’d surely give money for this exceptional website! Document presume right now i’ll acknowledge book-marking and additionally attaching any Feed to make sure you great Google and bing membership. Document check forwards to make sure you new changes all of which publish this approach site by means of great Youtube team.

Can pity really be fabulous? I would “enjoy give a money link,” but I don’t want to “document presume right now” too quickly, if you know what I mean.

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