City Life

Three things I saw this weekend that are unique to city life.

A bum riding a shopping cart down a steep hill.

Naked bicyclists.

A cafe that sells both coffee and erotic toys.

That’s the convenience of city life — being able to get your coffee and a fresh butt plug at the same place.

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3 Responses to City Life

  1. teaandyarn says:

    I have never been more grateful that I live in Oklahoma! Although, if the naked bicyclists were in good shape, it has to be a better sight than the fat guys wearing speedos on their riding lawn mowers >_<.


    • They usually are. One day you will rue living in Oklahoma when you have your caffeine fix with no way to burn off all that energy without driving all the way across town. And with gas prices the way they are…


  2. Zeke Walker says:

    HA! I used to live in SF… I miss it more every day (hour, minute, second). And “city life” in SOME cities anyway… OK, so just the one… that I know of… Still hilarious though, even when read from my perch in the land of “that shit don’t fly ’round here.”


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