Gay Marriage Flowchart

One of my favorite things about flowcharts is their ability to take a complicated issue and simplify it. One hot topic is same-sex marriage, and since June is gay pride month, I thought I would tackle the issue. I don’t intend for this to be a political blog (admitting your fear of the sun seems to diminish your credibility anyway), but I figured maybe I’ll try to stir the pot at least once in awhile. Maybe I can change the world, one flowchart at a time.

So, now that I’ve settled that debate, does anyone have any suggestions of an issue I can resolve next time? Maybe how to fix healthcare or how to stop people from talking during movies?

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14 Responses to Gay Marriage Flowchart

  1. You got my vote, sugar…repost, repost, repost.


  2. FredK says:

    Do a flowchart on “Do I support Heterosexual marriage?” to resolve that issue.


  3. Kriss says:

    As usual, great flow chart. We have gay and hetero marriage here, so your flowchart won’t change our laws, but maybe it will help change some older minds…now, can you help us save our health care system please? We seem to be on the verge of loosing it…


  4. Kathy H says:

    I love all your flow charts – this one is perfect!!! Will be reposting. How about a flow chart on how to deal with a snoring husband (spouse) – is smothering a viable option?


  5. Mollee says:

    Awesome flow chart!


  6. Belatedly arriving to say I LOVE THIS. Really, you have all the essentials.


  7. gabrielaa. says:

    changing the world, one flowchart at a time! go, girl!


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