Crazy Dancing Lady

Last night I went to a concert, and like every kind of show I go to, the most annoying person in the entire building sat down next to me. Actually, it was the most annoying couple in the building.

Part of me was trying to excuse them by thinking, maybe they just did a lot of drugs before they came to the show. I don’t think that’s true, but they did drink about eight cocktails through the night. Anyway, they basically were shouting weird phrases through all the songs, clapping randomly at weird times (quiet chorus, clap loudly!), and doing the strangest hand/arm dances I’ve ever seen, in addition to pointing enthusiastically at the band whenever they did something they liked. I really wish I was at home so I could draw a picture for you because I don’t think my explanation is doing their weirdness justice. I actually tried to take a video, but it was dark and I had to keep my phone semi-hidden to prevent me from getting kicked out for camera use. I don’t think the usher would have believed me if I said that I was just trying to record the crazy people in front of me and not the band.

And do you know what the worst part was? The crazy clapping lady wasn’t even clapping to the beat. The husband told me that some people are just born with no rhythm at all, but I found that shockingly unbelievable. I mean, you can’t clap to a beat?! At one point though, one of the band members directed the audience to start clapping really quickly, so she started clapping as slowly as possible. So the husband won his point, this time.

And so now, I would like to submit to you, the worst video ever taken by a camera phone. Now, before you tell me she’s not that crazy, please keep in mind that this is her at her tamest. Please note off-beat clapping. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the roundhouse pointing dance she did.

I told you the video was really awful.

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8 Responses to Crazy Dancing Lady

  1. Sally says:

    OMG, I thought you were just being dramatic. You’re right. How odd. But why I’m really writing is to find out the result of your hair poll turned out and what you decided to do. I have curly hair and decided to get a pixie and now I look like Sherry Lewis’s puppet Lambchop. I was hoping for a success story to cheer me up.


    • Hey, I think Lambchop has pretty cute hair. I think curly bobs are nice too, so it will probably grow out to a bob quickly I bet. I’m going to *try* to grow my bangs out, although it’s probably going to take the better part of the year until they are not bangs anymore. Can I get back to you in six months?


      • Sally says:

        Awww, shucks, thanks for the supportive words. Good luck with the bangs. I see a lot of hair clips in your future. I will, then, wish for the two of us that in six months you have long, flowy non-bangs and that that my 3 yr. old will have ceased asking me why I have a bowl on my head and look like his imaginary friend Big Tom.


  2. Kriss says:

    There’s nothing I can say about that video that makes me look anything less than mean. Given how much ticket prices are these days, I’ll bet it burnt your toast!!

    Maybe they were disabled? Only thing I can think of…


    • Don’t think so. The only thing we could think of is maybe this was the first concert (although they were middle aged) they had ever been to in their life. It gave us and the people around us a few good laughs, so I guess there’s that.


  3. Kathy H says:

    Laughing is good, better then kicking their chairs out from under them….guess I’m in a mean mood. I usually end up with the worst singers in the world next to me… sound like a frog trying to sing, all off key and loud… some people should not be allowed out in public. She really is horrible though!


  4. ACW says:

    Haha I thought your description of the wierd person next to you was pretty funny….and then when I saw the video clip I laughed out loud..because that person is pretty odd. I’m sorry that you had to sit next to such an annoying person….poor you.


  5. Jo Bryant says:

    My daughter and I went to see U2 when they were here and we had the most annoying woman in NZ right behind us. She continually spilt wine down my daughter’s back – fell into us, on and on it went. Luckily some friends came and took her elsewhere 1/2 way through or I think I would have clocked her one. I did shove her backwards when she fell on me. It was hard to keep a straight face as she sprawled, legs splayed all over her friends. 🙂


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