Blog Prompt Forgiveness

I’m feeling a bit of a writer’s block since a lot of my planned posts I’m going to wait to do until I’m up for doing the drawings (maybe I’ll try tonight). Anyway, I thought I’d visit one of those “blog prompt” sites to see what kind of ideas they give out.

In case you were wondering, they are crap. I kid you not, these are some of the prompts I got.

Right now is the best time to start. What’s your first step? Start what? Seriously, this is my prompt?

My 10 favorite movies. I yawned just reading this prompt.

Without my children, I’d… Do exactly what I’m doing now (drinking wine) because I have no children.

My heart sings when… Barf.

How is life different for your children than when you were growing up? Again with the children?

When I look up at the sky, I feel… Distrustful of the sun, but I already did a post on that.

The book you want to write. What’s going to be in it? Lots of really cool shit. Just wait and see.

If I were going to be stranded on a desert island, what 10 items would I want in my pockets? Have you seen girls’ jeans? I honestly can barely fit a ticket stub or my driver’s license in my pocket, let alone 10 items to help me survive on a desert island.

Write a letter to someone you need to forgive… Dear Blog Prompt Generator, I came to you in a time of need and you tried to feed me a lot of bullshit. I’m still annoyed, but I realize I’m hating the program when I should be hating the programmer, but you didn’t tell me I had to forgive two people. The programmer really should have thought that through.

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8 Responses to Blog Prompt Forgiveness

  1. I visulise your book as a fabulous colouring book!
    Children really really do cramp your wine consumtion, it just aint fair. I swear that’s when you really really need wine.


  2. Colin says:

    Morning chuckle, Made this delicious coffee taste even better


  3. This is why I just let my subconscious come up with topics for me, and yet that’s probably why not many people read my posts with stuff like Shia LaBeouf stealing my cheese to make an airplane.


  4. DewNestry says:

    I tried The Daily Post and Plinky. They’re crappy too.
    ‘Red pill or blue pill?’
    Yup. Not kidding, man. That’s one of the topics.

    Perhaps I’d post something about it too. It seems fun.


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