“Are You Patriotic?” Flowchart

Hopefully this one won’t get me into too much trouble. The important thing to remember is, tongue in cheek. Also, I’ll go ahead and apologize now for my sad fireworks – use your imagination and pretend they are really happy.

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19 Responses to “Are You Patriotic?” Flowchart

  1. Kathy H says:

    Oh boy, you are in for it now!!! HAVE A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!


  2. Almost everybody I know is from a socialist country, it seems…except the sad and angry vegetarians.


  3. gabrielaa. says:

    tongue in cheek will take you a long way


  4. gabrielaa. says:

    wow. now I realize I shouln´t even comment on this flowchart. being a third-worlder & all. I mean, I do host a lot of BBQs because I live in a house with a big garden in the middle of the city. but that’s it. we’re sooo far from being a socialist country… sigh
    (oh, you can come over, of course. you & all your friends.)


  5. DewNestry says:

    I guess I don’t really belong here too (Israel!), but it was kinda funny.
    *Checking the rest of the blog*


  6. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Enjoy the 4th! Very amusing, but so glad we have gun control in Australia! 😀


  7. aeliusblythe says:


    “You’re from one of those socialist countries aren’t you?”

    Unfortunately, no. But I do wish I had a pool.


  8. DewNestry says:

    I wonder… what does the flag mean?


  9. sophabroad says:

    Haha! I know I’m coming to this a little late, but I just stumbled across this blog through a link on someone else’s site. Hilarious!


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