Fireworks or Gunshots

Yesterday was Fourth of July, which meant that I got to play my favorite game, “Fireworks or Gunshot.” You may think I’m talking about people who fire off their guns on the Fourth, but actually there are just a lot of homicides in my neighborhood. The other week we heard some gunshots, which I always try to pass off as a backfiring car, but then we turned on the news a couple of hours later and saw that someone was murdered a quarter of a mile away from us. At first we thought it was on the other side of our main street (because somehow that made us feel safer, like the street could be some kind of a barricade against crime), but then we saw our favorite taqueria was by the apartments in question, so no. I do comfort myself with the fact that I live at the end of a dead-end street, so any criminal worth their gun wouldn’t want to corner themselves in like that. Because, you know, most criminals are so smart.

I don’t really have a real blog post for today, mainly because for the last two nights I was actually hungover before I even went to bed. I’m supposed to get my stitches taken out today, which should be a whole lot of fun. I do have a funny story to tell, but I’m saving that for tomorrow (hopefully), so you’ll just have to hang on for a bit.

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4 Responses to Fireworks or Gunshots

  1. sayali611 says:

    Be back soon, we miss you here. And woah! gunshots, wine bottles crashing on you, getting stitches, glad you post regularly so we know you are safe!


  2. NC Chick says:

    I used to live in a neighborhood like that. It gave me good stories to tell now that I’m old and boring, and a suburban dweller. Makes me seem cooler than I actually am.


  3. I get to play that game too.


  4. gabrielaa. says:

    hungover before going to bed, that’s great!


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