I noticed I had a comment in my spam folder, so I checked it and found this gem.

I can agree with you but of course this isn’t the case… another thing: what would people do if you had 2 billion usd? -Prue

Well, Prue, you have a very interesting question because I noticed you didn’t say what would do if I had $2 billion, you asked what would other people do if I had $2 billion.

Well, there would probably be a lot of anger and jealousy. People might even try to mob my house, but of course I would invest in a high-tech security system.

People would only be angry though until they see how I spend my money (after I bought my mansion and laser security system, that is).

People wouldn’t really do anything after that because everyone would be too busy caring for their new kitten. I would invest the rest of my remaining $2 billion into kitten products and become a gazillionaire and everyone would live happily ever after.

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9 Responses to Kittenaires!

  1. challahgirl says:

    Haha! Awesome! I now hope someone makes you a 2-billionaire.


  2. SimonB says:

    Ginger kitten please.


  3. You forgot to mention kittens are evil and will eventually take over the world. I mean, look at what they’ve done to the internet already.


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  5. lifewith4cats says:

    Now you KNOW I couldnt read this one and not leave a comment! Your so funny. I allso enjoy the explanation of your stats number. Consider another unicorn born. 🙂


  6. phoenixq89 says:

    rofl..!i dont like kittens that much i would still hate you.!:p


  7. DewNestry says:

    ‘Here have my money too!’
    LOL. Great post.


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