My Short Life as a Hand Model

You might be wondering how my finger is doing. Well, it looks like my days as an aspiring hand model are over. I should probably sue someone for my pain and anguish, but I’m too non-confrontational for that (that’s why I have a blog). In all seriousness though, I’d always thought I had the hands for modeling. Even my doctor, as she was stitching my finger back together, commented on my long and lean fingers (I credit genetics and all the time I spent playing video games as a kid).

I actually even started a portfolio to help jump-start my career. Here’s a few of my best shots.

Now you can see why I’m so upset, so much lost potential. If anyone knows a good plastic surgeon who is willing to take an aspiring hand model on pro bono, let me know.

I have no real reason for including the following images of my gun, except I think they looked cool. Maybe one day when I get really famous you’ll see these babies gracing t-shirts at Urban Outfitter. (Just kidding! Unless they pay me a lot of money, then I’m not.)

Patchwork Gun

Smudge Gun

Hazy Star Gun

I’m now accepting pre-orders in quantities of 100 or more.

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1 Response to My Short Life as a Hand Model

  1. Kathy H says:

    You always leave me laughing, thank you. Have a great weekend – and don’t give up… perhaps one of your fans is a Plastic Surgeon!!!


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