Purgatory’s Kitchen

I was watching Hell’s Kitchen and I realized it would be a really different show if I played the role of Chef Ramsay.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty non-confrontational, so there probably wouldn’t be a lot of yelling.

My tough motivational speeches aren’t really that tough.

And my kitchen insults are pretty limited.

Not too far in to dinner service I’d probably start feeling guilty about being too mean and then I would worry that no one would want to be my friend anymore.

So, my kitchen wouldn’t exactly be hell, but I guess you couldn’t really call it heaven either. I still think it might have a good chance of making it through sweeps week though.

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1 Response to Purgatory’s Kitchen

  1. ACW says:

    Lol I like your humour! I am also non-confrontational so I totally relate to that!


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