Harry Potter Recap!

Last night I finally got out to see the last Harry Potter movie (the Husband was out-of-town for awhile so I was waiting for him – that’s true love).

::Sort of Spoiler Alert::

Did anyone else find the aging effects at the end really ridiculous? Harry was just funny looking. The only one who actually looked aged was Draco. Maybe they ran out of their budget at the end? Then I started thinking about how being a wizard parent might be kind of cool because you raise your kids for the first few years and then you send them off to an all-expenses paid boarding school. So basically you only raise your kids during the summer and a week or two at Christmas? (I guess there aren’t any Jewish wizards?) It’s rather shocking when you think about it.

I also found the scene where Harry and Voldemort were flying through the air really funny, and I think I was supposed to be full of suspense and maybe fear, but I kept thinking that they looked like they were in front of a fun house mirror at a fair or something.

I sound like I hated the movie. I didn’t. I was actually worried about it only being two hours long, but I thought they fit most everything nicely in. I almost teared up a bit during Snape’s memories. Poor Snape. I’m not sure why Lily didn’t go for him since James always seemed like kind of a dick and totally not her type since she seemed to like to nurture broken things. Did James even say anything when Harry was looking at everyone with the Resurrection Stone? Everyone was being all nice and supportive and James was just staring Harry down. It was weird.

Anyway, those our my thoughts. I’ll be back tomorrow!

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10 Responses to Harry Potter Recap!

  1. Maria says:

    I didn’t hate it either, but those extras needed more direction. All that aimless running around was distracting…


  2. Kriss says:

    I know one of the kids was Jewish…want to say Hermione, but could be wrong (long time since I read the books). Still, I do remember something about Channukah…..(and my spelling sucks, so please forgive me!)


    • I don’t think Hermione was, but you’re probably right that some other kid was.


    • Timothy Chen Allen says:

      Actually, Daniel Radcliffe has stated he’s Jewish in real life (but he also said he’s an atheist… hmm…) As for characters, Anthony Goldstein was a member of Dumbledore’s Army– I didn’t know that off the top of my head. I googled it and found it in Wikipedia.


  3. Timothy Chen Allen says:

    I’m amazed that none of the fandom have written you to tell you what a big Potter blasphemer you are. I’m still waiting to see this one; my nine year old son isn’t ready for it yet. Beat that for big time love.


  4. Lindigo says:

    I totally thought the same thing about the Resurrection Stone scene…it’s like Harry didn’t even look at his dad. If you had the opportunity to see both your dead parents after years of wondering about them, wouldn’t you take a moment to say “hey” to them BOTH? Not that James made any move either. Damn resurrected spirits; so thoughtless.


  5. DewNestry says:

    I loved this movie… but yeah, a few scenes were ridiculous. At one point when they flew together, I thought Harry and Voldemort were going to kiss. And they didn’t even try to make Hermionie look older… I guess they didn’t have the heart to touch Emma Watson’s face.

    And I must admit, the Jewish Wizards question has always bothered me. Did they have Kosher meals at Hogwarts?

    ‘I always wanted to use that spell!’
    I just couldn’t stop laughing when she said that…


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