Outfit Feedback

Like a lot of girls, I often like a little validation about how I look. So when I try on new outfits I usually ask the people closest to me how I look.

My fish, the Natives, usually aren’t much help.

My cats aren’t much better.

But I still have one last person to check with.

Sometimes it feels like no one understands me.

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8 Responses to Outfit Feedback

  1. LOVE THIS! Hahaha. It’s so so true.


  2. Kathy H says:



  3. gabrielaa. says:

    try wearing that nice bow again


  4. In the two-girl household there’s another panel. After “Hey, you changed” girl #2 then says “now we’re dressed too much alike.”



  5. the most feedback I ever got from my husband was him telling me my sundress looked too much like lingerie and he would be more comfortable is I changed.

    That was the most elaborate feedback he ever gave me besides a grunt. Not that I didn’t I appreciate it – if he feels uncomfortable with what I’ll be wearing around other guys, I will respect his feelings! But a nice ‘you look beautiful’ would be great occasionally as well!


  6. Emily says:

    Love the post! Love the blog! Lol, consider me subscribed – it’s not every day you come across a humor/cartoon blog! 🙂


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