How to Tell if Your Coworker Does Nothing

No one can say that they don’t occasionally do something at work that isn’t exactly work. I like to think that checking Facebook to see what shenanigans my friends are up to is my generation’s smoke break (unless you’re a smoker, then you have no excuse).

Still, there are always the coworkers who take the “five minute smoke break” a little too far. Things are the things I’ve noticed, so if you do them, just know that I’m onto you (and probably everyone else is too).

1. You walk by and they quickly click away to a different screen or window on their computer. However, it’s obvious that they haven’t actually been spending the last ten minutes staring at an empty Excel sheet.

2. You walk by and can see a video playing in the background of whatever document they are “working” on.

3. You can hear Jon Stewart’s very distinguishable voice coming from their computer.

4. They spend an hour eating lunch at their desk. Then they leave for “lunch.”

5. They spend five hours producing documents that obviously took 20 minutes to make.

6. They are always reading blogs. I mean, I won’t judge you for doing this, but some people might…

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4 Responses to How to Tell if Your Coworker Does Nothing

  1. sayali611 says:

    I always find the guys next to me looking at pictures of some new girl, when asked he replies that he is selecting a model for our next assignment. I wish male models start sending me their pictures too


  2. Kriss says:

    ….your coworker starts giggling, snorting, and then laughing-out-loud with tears running down his/her face, managing to vocalize “…peas……cougars…..hat off ship….rapture….” etc. Major clue!


  3. N says:

    shit. 3 out of 5 for me. i think i’m bored with my job


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