Bloodthirsty Turtles

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In my last post I said that I’m a “swim with sea turtles” kind of gal, and incidentally I did get to swim with some sea turtles while I was on vacation in Kaua’i. This was actually the second time I got to swim with a sea turtle, and it was pretty different from the first.

The first time I swam with sea turtles the husband and I were taken by boat out to a place in the ocean called Turtle Town. The water was fairly calm, crystal clear, and all around you turtles popped up and dove down. It was magical.

There are strict laws against touching or harassing the turtles (up to $100,000 fines). The first time I saw them though, they were fairly easy to avoid. We did have one surface just a few feet from us, but like I said, the water was calm and we all swam happily together while keeping our hands and fins to ourselves.

This last time though was very different. We weren’t taken out in a boat, we just swam out from the shore. The shore was somewhat rocky though and it was a bit rough getting out. I cut my hand on a rock, but we swam on.

Since we were close to shore, the waves were rocking us around and the water wasn’t very clear. There were a few times I thought I saw something large move by us, but I couldn’t be sure what it was. Suddenly, I was worried that my bleeding hand would attract something bad. Or worse, it could make a docile turtle bloodthirsty. Just then, a turtle swam up to us, but it seemed a lot bigger and more intimidating than I remembered.

In the end, I wasn’t attacked by a turtle, but after that I was content to watch them from the beach. Besides, I didn’t have a spare $100 grand lying around in the event that a wave knocked me into a turtle. Next time, I’ll go back to Turtle Town – the turtles seemed less bloodthirsty there.

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9 Responses to Bloodthirsty Turtles

  1. Really don’t think there are enough blogs about blood thirsty turtles, good niche for you to corner


  2. ACW says:

    Nice blog! Was the first time you swam with turtles also at Kauai?


  3. A woman of many poodles says:

    It must have been a treat to swim with turtles! I swam with dolphins, in a cloudy lagoon, in Cuba, recently. I now know what dolphin pee smells like. It washes off easily, though. ;D


  4. “Lesser known fact” Turtle pee is really good for your hair lol, your blog is fab.


  5. Danniel says:

    I’d like to walk with turtles. I feel like they’d have too much of an advantage in the water if for whatever reason they did decided I’d make a good snack.


  6. maybe it was a Ninja Turtle?!?!


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