Nude Model Compliments

I took a drawing class in college and after a few weeks we got a surprise from our teacher – nude models!

You can imagine my excitement – what kind of person would we get? I imagined all kinds of Greek gods and goddesses that I could gaze at for hours. What I didn’t imagine, was this.

Actually, I think my drawing might be being too nice to him. He was pretty old and impressively hairy for his age. Once I got over the shock of seeing my first naked elderly man, we started drawing exercises where he would pose for ten minutes, we would quickly sketch, and then he would change positions.

I saw enough naked old man poses to last me a lifetime.

When we were taking a break, he put his robe back on and started to walk around the classroom to look at people’s sketches. When he got to mine, he stopped.

I had to think about how to respond to this man whose naked body I had just studied for the last hour.

Then I realized, he must see a lot of students sketch his likeness everyday, so he must have really thought mine was good.

I’m pretty sure all the other kids in class were jealous of me. I mean, getting a pat on the back from a teacher because you get a question right is all well and good, but how many people can say they were complimented by their elderly nude model? Those are the compliments that stay with you for life. And in case you were wondering, there was no funny business going on – his robe was half open, so it would have been pretty obvious.

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2 Responses to Nude Model Compliments

  1. You make me laugh and be very grateful that I was not given the talent of drawing.


  2. Kathy H says:

    You really are very funny! I love checking my email everyday just to find out what you have to say.


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