Bad Movies and Dirty Language

I didn’t write a post last night because there was nothing on TV until I saw that the original Conan the Barbarian was on. Despite being a fan of bad 80s movies, I hadn’t remembered ever seeing this one before, so I got sucked in. And it was really bad. I wish Arnold had never been my governor because I think knowing his involvement in politics ruined the movie a bit for me. By the way, have you seen this? It’s a pretty douchey line and he brought his queen out too soon, am I right?

A year or so ago I bought a ticket for a concert, which I guess entitled me to a year’s free subscription of Rolling Stone. This morning I just got an email saying that my subscription has expired, which is just really tragic.

What else can I tell you… Oh, the other day I saw this on Regretsy (third one down) and I really really want it, only there’s no link to whoever made it, so I decided I’m going to try to make it this weekend. Which means I have to create the pattern myself, but luckily it’s only been about 10 years since I’ve cross-stitched. Clearly I just needed some dirty language to inspire me. My grandmother will be so proud.

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3 Responses to Bad Movies and Dirty Language

  1. Funny enough I am currently trying to bully a friend into making me a cross stitch with that exact message, different presentation though. It involves kittens. If she’ll make one for me I can talk to her about making one for you too, possibly.


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