Mini-Apocolypse Tragedy

So I admit, being a native Californian I was poking a little bit of fun over the East Coast’s reaction to their earthquake. Actually, I was more worried that everyone’s first reaction was to run into the streets and evacuate buildings. Apparently, not one person on the East Coast knows that you’re not supposed to evacuate during an earthquake (unless there’s a fire or known gas leak). Maybe they’ve seen too many movies about killer earthquakes – please note that people in movies never react the way they actually should during an emergency.

Well, I got my just desserts for making fun of them because last night we had an earthquake. However, my reaction was to roll over and go back to sleep after I verified with the Husband that it was an earthquake and not someone breaking into our house with a jackhammer. This morning though, after I was on my way to work, the Husband had to break the news to me that we had a fatality in last night’s mini-apocolypse – one of my new mugs fell off the counter and broke. I only got to use that mug a few times, but we shared some good coffee together. Karma may have taken my mug away from me, but she will never take the memories of the sweet caffeine we shared.

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3 Responses to Mini-Apocolypse Tragedy

  1. lifewith4cats says:

    mugsy. may she rest in peace.


  2. Karma…maybe it will be your coffee pot next time :^o I hope not.

    Being only a few hours away from the center in Virginia it terrified me 😦 I have only been in 2 quakes in my whole life. All I could do is stand frozen in one spot and try to figure out what was happening to the house.


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