Turning Isn’t a Crime

Yesterday I got the thing every driver dreads – a ticket. And I know everybody says this, but my ticket was complete bullshit.

I was driving around running some errands and apparently the street I was driving on is considered a highway, even though it went through the middle of town, had a speed limit of 35 mph, and had lots of stoplights, etc. Basically, there was no way you would know it was a highway, because it wasn’t even called a highway on street signs, it was called a street. Anyway, I needed to pull into a store across the street so I pulled into a turning lane, with my signal on, and pulled into the parking lot. A minute later, I’m about to get out and a cop is standing by my door.

Do you want to guess what my ticket was for? It wasn’t for speeding. It wasn’t for failing to indicate a turn. It was for outdated registration or anything like that. It was for turning left on a highway and crossing a double yellow line, even though I was in the middle turning lane! Wtf, right?

Here is a diagram of my turn.

In the turning lane, making a turn, and ticket (in case you’re wondering, the stoplight is for another turn ahead).

I have a really annoying physical reaction to anger and authority figures, so of course I start crying while the cop is writing up my ticket, which just makes me more angry. I’m pretty sure I looked amazing when the cop gave me the ticket because I was both crying and really pissed and trying to keep my composure.

So if you were a judge, would you let me go?

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10 Responses to Turning Isn’t a Crime

  1. Kathy H says:

    You were in a turn lane and you turned???? Dumb ass cop!


  2. lifewith4cats says:

    Both my hubby and I think the cop was just being a douche. My theory is: if you looked hot, but he gave you the ticket anyway, the only explanation is… he must be gay. haha.

    But now that I left this comment, I worry that my word choices might be a little off-color. Feel free to edit the comment if you want. 🙂


  3. mkep73 says:

    This is obviously a glitch in the matrix. In his version of reality there is no turn lane or store…you simply snubbed his authority and turned illegally to collect the key maker! Hurry, find a phone and get out before Mr. Smith finds you!!


  4. *motherly handpatting* I’m really sorry that you got a ticket. It’s very upsetting. The price tag is going to upset you even more. The cost of traffic school even more. I got one for the exact same reason even though the double yellow lines indicating “a divided highway” were obscured by construction dirt and difficult to see and unexpected to find in a residential neighborhood. I could have appealed on the basis of the dirt covering the markings, but when I went back to take a picture they had been washed clean (though still difficult to see for other reasons that made it an ideal place for two motor cops from the City of Hayward to sit and write tickets all afternoon during rush hour. I’m sure I was one of dozens).

    Unfortunately, your own drawing will have a judge pronounce you guilty. What you’ve drawn is a turn pocket (though I am confused by why a turn pocket would have the bottom set of double yellows; there ought to be a gap to let a driver into the pocket exactly where you entered). The top double set of double-yellow lines lines should not be crossed. One set is to mark out the space for the turn pocket. The second set is to indicate that there is no turning allowed. I believe I’m correct in that technically, even if there was just one set, the inner line isn’t dashed, so it’s clearly not a middle turning lane. To be legal, you would have needed to go to the stoplight and either make a u-turn if it wasn’t specifically prohibited or a left turn into that street to somehow get turned around to approach your destination from the other direction so you could make a legal right turn.

    A middle turning lane looks like this – note that the inside line is dashed, not solid:
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    cars wait here to turn or merge into traffic safely in both directions.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Here’s an image where a driver can make a safe left turn onto a two-lane road next to a park, or leave the road by making a left turn and waiting in the middle turning lane to merge into traffic.

    I’m very very sorry about the ticket. Do take the traffic school option or you’ll feel it in your insurance bill.


    • Hayward represent! I got my ticket in Hayward too. Actually, I might have a defense similar to yours in that so many people obviously turn into the same spot that I did that the both sets of lines are completely worn out. So if I’m able to get a picture that shows this, I might have a chance. I’m eligible for traffic school though, so maybe I’ll just do that. Sigh.


  5. SimonB says:

    I suggest moving over here to the UK, as we don’t have stupid rules like that one.


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  7. Lindigo says:

    GRRR…I’ve had a running argument with one of my best friends for years now where she claims this is illegal and I fail to agree. Maybe it’s a street vs. hwy difference as you seem to suggest. That would at least make sense and salvage our friendship 🙂 Last year I saw a cop make a turn across a double yellow (although it wasn’t in a ‘turn pocket’ as Karin explains), so ever since then I’ve been smug in thinking I was right all along…


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