Party Cops

So I decided I might just fight my ticket, which I’ve never done before, but in California you’re allowed to fight a traffic ticket through the mail, which is right up my non-confrontational alley.

Every time I’ve been pulled over (four times, counting yesterday), I’ve never been let go with a warning. There was once though, just after college that I did have a run in with some cool cops.

The Husband and I were just married, living in San Francisco, and one of my good friends was having a party at her apartment. We were doing the usual, playing loud music and getting drunk, when the doorbell rang. We went downstairs to the door, and two cops were standing there. The first cop said, “Are you guys having a party?” And the second cop behind him, I kid you not, starting doing a little dance and said, “Yeah, are you guys having a party?” We said no and they said to keep it down and left.

We thought this was hilarious, which probably just caused us to drink more and get louder. Whoever complained about us the first time must have gotten really angry, so soon enough there was another ring at the door. The same two cops were there and they said, “We got another noise complaint, so you guys have to turn it down.”

We didn’t.

So the doorbell rang again about an hour or so later. At this point, I was sure they were going to raid the apartment, so I did the only thing that made sense in my drunken mind, I hid in the bedroom. My friend answered the door, and sure enough, it was the same two cops, looking slightly more annoyed. This time, the dancing cop said, “Seriously, you guys have to turn it down or we’ll have to fine you.”

We turned it down. A bit.

The cops never came back again, but sometimes I worry I used all my free warnings on that one party. It was a pretty good party though.

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2 Responses to Party Cops

  1. lifewith4cats says:

    haha thats a good story. Maybe you coulda invited them in.


  2. Funny story it’s to bad you used all your warnings up. I would have invited that dancing cop in like lifewith4cats said, then you could have had it as loud as you wanted aaaand you’d still have those warnings 😉


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