Insulting Spam

I was checking through my spam comments today and I had the meanest and most and offensive spam comment in it. Possibly even meaner than some of the hate mail I got after my Rapture Flowchart, and that’s saying something.

Here it is:

“How is it that just anyone can publish a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything incredibly impressive more like youve painted a quite picture through an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you genuinely think that you can get away with adding some quite pictures and not truly say something?”

First of all, I think I’ve said at least one or two impressive things. And I don’t know what “quite pictures” are, but a picture does say a thousand words. But do you want to know what the most insulting thing about this comment was? I looked at the link for it and it’s for frickin’ penis pills. Yes, a website advertising penis pills is criticizing me. I’m a lady, I don’t even have any need for penis pills. And what do penis pills have that I don’t have? Yeah, I’d like an answer to that.

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15 Responses to Insulting Spam

  1. fivefootwo says:

    I write this as I eat peashoot salad. If you put the S word in your title it goes straight to my junk folder!! Good thing I spotted the word peas..


  2. gabrielaa. says:

    hmmm… but you *do* paint a quite picture!!


  3. Arlene says:

    All I can say is bizarre, bizarre, bizarre… Maybe they just don’t get your humor and cuteness.


  4. Tracy says:

    honestly, i think the person who spammed you is super stupid. I am going to assume that quite was suppose to be quick… Either way, screw em…. Jealousy and Envy are horrible traits of mankind.


  5. Kathy H says:

    Obviously they don’t know anything about anything! Penis pills to a lady. Don’t like your blog. If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t read it and who asked them to spam you anyway???? So there penis pill asshole!!


  6. Those damn penis pill purveyors. I think your quite pictures are very entertaining!


  7. Mary says:

    Honey, they didn’t read your blog. I get bot comments like that all the time. Seriously, it’s just spam, not generated by anyone who has actually been to the blog.


  8. lilthechic says:

    wow…talk about jealousy; but weird thing is that you kinda gave them publicity…

    There are a lot of bizarre peeps out there and well, I now know one of them.


  9. Jason says:

    Sorry about that penis pill thing. I don’t know what I was thinking.


  10. Sally says:

    Guess this proves that the term “everyone is a critic” means, literally, everyone.


  11. Who would send you hate mail?!?!?! I will find them… and send them a strongly worded piece of hate mail and show them it doens’t feel good haha


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