Cows in Texas

So I guess you all think I’m being a sissy about the conference and that I should just do it, except for the few people who realize the danger of having an egg thrown at you. Actually, the conference is in Texas, so maybe they throw Longhorn Cows at you instead of eggs. I’ve never been to Texas, so I don’t really know what they have out there besides a lot of drawn out vowels and cows. I asked the Husband if he wanted to go with me and he laughed, so I guess that means I’ll be on my own.

Besides trying to decide what to do about the conference, I’m really stressed at work right now. I won’t go into specifics, except to say there’s new management so there’s a lot of miscommunication and extra work. I don’t really have a reason for bringing this up, except it makes me feel better to say it.

Oh, in happier news, I’m almost done with my cross-stitch project (image below is NSFW, unless you have a cool boss, in which case you should hire me). I decided to simplify it and just keep it as “Fuck You.” I’m also going to save the kitten I mentioned for a different project I might someday do. I still have a bit of detailing work to finish, but I don’t think I’m going to do all the finishing my grandmother would recommend because finishing work is boring, not that my grandmother would recommend anything after seeing it besides telling me I should throw it in the fire and be happy that I don’t have children yet to shame. Just kidding, my grandmother is pretty cool, but she would probably be slightly horrified.

It’s slightly wrinkled because I still has to be framed, but you get the point.

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4 Responses to Cows in Texas

  1. Go to Texas. Give your talk. Eat BBQ.
    Trust me, it’ll be ok…
    Unless you’re one of those weirdo SF’ers who don’t eat meat…Then, you might oughta’ stay home.


  2. SimonB says:

    We visited Texas 5 (yeep) years ago and it was lovely. We did see longhorns but none got thrown at us. For example:

    Not much of a stampede


  3. I don’t think you need to worry about actual cows being thrown. Cow pies, on the other hand…
    Good luck with the presentation… you can do it!! If they don’t like it, just hold up the cross-stitch project.


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