Cats and Pedicures

WordPress just added this new feature that allows you to see who your top commenters are and guess who my biggest fan is? Me! It’s nice to be reassured that I believe in myself because quite frankly, sometimes I’m a dick to me.

In other news, “Keep Calm and Fuck Off” is currently in the lead for the cross-stitch giveaway, with “I Hate Everyone” following with a close second. I may have to eventually make all of them though and convince Target or Costco to carry them.

Yesterday I drafted a new flowchart that I was going to post today, but I forgot it at work. So instead I’m going to give myself a pedicure. Don’t judge me, I get enough of that from my cats.


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2 Responses to Cats and Pedicures

  1. Kathy says:

    I think you are one funny lady!!


  2. Jason says:

    My cats judge me all the time, too. But I guess they have good reason too. I’m sure they’ve had enough of me stumbling around drunk while making up song and dance routines that I perform throughout the house.


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