And Then There Was Heat

Yesterday I got barely any hits on my blog, which means everyone collectively decided to hate me or you all were just as hot as I was.

The problem with doing a post in the heat is that I write my posts on a laptop while I’m lounging on the couch, so the laptop sits on my lap and puts off a lot of heat (I take the name laptop very seriously). I could go sit at a table or something, but that seems like a lot of effort.

I did work on a little promo drawing, which for some reason I find a little embarrassing to post, but I will anyway since it will make me feel less guilty for not having any other drawings. I wasn’t sure about the peas. Do they look stupid? I mean, stupider than peas normally look?

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6 Responses to And Then There Was Heat

  1. Arlene says:

    That is a very sweet looking cougar…cute peas, too. You gave me a laugh on an otherwise deary day. Thanks!


  2. sophabroad says:

    I like the peas. they’re a bit like little smiley faces =]


  3. Or…it’s football season? That’s what I chalk low-stats days up to… Must be sports!
    (There is no need to remind me that there is probably very little cross-over between garden bolg-readers and rabid football fans. I’m old, not stupid….)

    Smiley-faces on the peas…Yes.


  4. I don’t know about the peas, but that’s a great looking cougar!


  5. SimonB says:

    Funny thing, yesterday was the first time I looked for two weeks as I’d been on holiday! LOve the Cougar, but the peas reminded me a bit of sprouts, which is never good…


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