Talking to My Body

Sometimes I think about how it would be nice if I could communicate with my body. Like really communicate, not just try to tell it that it’s almost swimsuit season and we really need to shape-up.

Being able to communicate would also solve a lot of problems.

Out of all my body parts though, I think my stomach would be the hardest to communicate with.

Plus, it’s hard to take your stomach seriously when it talks in Comic Sans.

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17 Responses to Talking to My Body

  1. Dancediaries says:

    Hhaha! i laughed my hea of reading this! I love this one! another medal for you! in fact more like a trophy!


  2. there are times when I used think: “your making noise just to be horrible aren’t you”


  3. Quality! I wish my body would listen to me in the mornings, when I tell it NOT to fall back asleep again and to get up when the alarm sounds!


  4. freakinbeast says:

    Thank you for that post, i’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. Guess you have one ore fan now!


  5. Tazeen says:

    I absolutely love your blog and I think it’s adorable! =D


  6. TheChronicR says:

    Love this. So true. The cancer part would save a lot of lives…


  7. den says:

    HAHAHA love it.


  8. historyromp says:

    Did you pay for this website??? Because your layout is really awesome!! (aka the cartoons and title)


  9. girltherapy says:

    Lol – I am so with you on this – bodies should be able to talk to us. My thighs and I have some real issues that need sorting out if only they’d bloody listen to what I say;)


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  11. Bubbles says:

    Love that so much. I think if i could communicate with a part of my body it would be my hair cos its always getting knotted and moving out of place.

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  12. Outlier Babe says:

    Great idea: “Sagging backside? What the f#ck do you think you’re doing? You might be ready to give it up, but I’m not!” “Yo! Teeth! Does the dentist really need that third car?”


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