New Blog Awards

Today I was taking the bus back from a meeting and a lady sitting across from me starting throwing-up into a clear plastic bag that she kept on her lap. Oh, and it was very crowded and hot and she wouldn’t get off.  Yes, I live a glamorous city life.

I also got nominated for two blogs awards today, which was nice surprise after the vomit. My Little Rhode Island Corner gave me the Liebster Award and Becoming Cliche gave me the Versatile Blogger. I’m not sure what “Liebster” means, but I’m pretty sure I qualify for the Versatile Blogger because I can write a post in a 90 degree room after an afternoon of someone throwing up next to me. Or I’m just inconsistently good.

I was curious about these blog awards that go around though but I couldn’t find the source to who actually started them, which made me think that anyone can create a blog award and give it out. Even though there’s a lot of blog awards out there, there’s a few I haven’t seen yet, so I created some of them.

You’d be surprised how few bloggers actually qualify for that last one.

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16 Responses to New Blog Awards

  1. Makes me wish I had someone to give the Stalker Award to…
    Maybe someday….


  2. That last one – yeah. Even with built-in browser spell check, it’s rather shocking how few would qualify. You would though! I see no conflict of interest if you nominate yourself and win… *wink*


  3. colleenryan says:

    May I give some of these out? I love them.


  4. Maxim says:

    I was nominated for versatile blogger, too. I would so much rather be nominated for the crazy kittens awards.


  5. Kriss says:



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  7. lrntn says:

    love it ! very funny


  8. John Hansen says:

    Ha ha. I am seriously considering making an award like you proposed. An “it could be worse” blog award. Very funny.


  9. these are funny! and yes i agree with you on the spell check award. nothing ruins a blog more quickly than when you need to figure out what is trying to be said and it screws the whole post up. congrats on the awards!


  10. riatarded says:

    I love your blog!


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  12. Russ Nickel says:

    Haha this is great. Definitely found a clever way to make fun of them, though I’m sad you didn’t actually pass these on to anyone. Normally I feel quite a few steps below kitten levels of cuteness. That one could’ve really boosted my ego.


  13. keatslover says:

    Ummm…don’t think I deserve the stalker award…I’m just bored and looking for funny things to read!/\_/\


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