Super Vision

When I was younger I had bad eyesight, now I have even worse eyesight, but back then I didn’t know about it. I didn’t understand how all the kids at school could copy notes from the board and I couldn’t.

I was frustrated until one evening I noticed the street lights coming on.

Suddenly I understood. I could see the beams of light, but no one else could.

I had a gift, I just didn’t know how to use it. It seemed important though that I not tell anyone. I had seen what happens in movies.

So I practiced my ability in secret.

Eventually, I was sure I could learn to control the light beams and save the world.

I never really figured out what I could actually do with light, but I did eventually learn that I had bad eyesight.

Glasses took my ability to see light beams, but they did have some added bonuses.

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23 Responses to Super Vision

  1. A woman of many poodles says:

    My son got his first pair of glasses when he was five. He was very pleased to learn that he could:
    “see the chewed bubble gum on the sidewalk now!”


  2. That’s awesome. Sorry you couldn’t figure out how to master the light beams and save the world. That would have looked great on a resume!


  3. lifewith4cats says:

    simple and funny. 🙂


  4. I remember getting my first pair of glasses, and I felt so short! The ground was in focus lol


  5. I went years without updating my glasses – when you’re a piss-poor young mom, other things come first – and I had the same reaction about the trees when I finally scraped together some cash for a new pair.
    And STARS! There REALLY were stars in the sky! I thought some Evil Genius had stolen them…


  6. Anna says:

    I’m sure you’ll be able to save the world (somehow) someday. Good news about the leaves though. Now you can watch them planning their evil plans and the suchlike.


  7. SimonB says:

    I well recall the day my brother got his first glasses, stepped out of the optician and said “wow, you can see the station from here” which was no news to the rest of us. Didn’t have quite the same revelation when I got my first pair a few years after that though.


  8. AwesomeAim says:

    I wave my hand in front of my unresponsive face whenever I need to indicate to my friends that I can’t see whatever it is that they’re talking about. And then they describe it to me.


  9. L Fendrock says:

    I just wanted to mention when I got prescription polarized sunglasses (I have very bad eyesight!) it looks like there is a glow, almost a halo around things. Maybe you can has lightbeam power and focus?


  10. Laura says:

    I wanted glasses so bad when I was in 3rd grade, I actually made a board game called, “going to the eye doctor”. My mom was a bit concerned about the psychological trauma I would go through if I didn’t actually need glasses. Thank goodness I had the tiniest prescription ever. But it was still a prescription.


  11. Love it! Your style, the story, the honesty and the laughter!

    Much Blessings



  12. Hahaha! I find this really funny because I can relate!


  13. drinksociety says:

    When I first put my glasses on and left the optician (aged about 8) I said to my mum “Wow! The world has corners!”


  14. eyeLaugh says:

    that DOES seem like a special power – seeing beams of light! cute drawings 🙂


  15. you may have saved my world with this blog (small consolation, I know)


  16. snowden64 says:

    I felt really weird when I first walked out of the opticians going whoa that looks like our house. My mom wasn’t concentrating but said then it probably is. I said we live in the other direction don’t we. She looked at ne and started laughing but I really had no clue. Oh to be 10 again.


  17. keatslover says:

    Oh I completely know what you mean…I never told my parents I couldn’t see the board,and then my teachers sneaked on me, for which I never forgave them.My first reaction was:”Oh I can read all the signposts now!”And my mom went:”And you couldn’t before?”I said:”Of coure not.I thought we weren’t meant to read them at all”.


  18. rwyckoff says:

    i’ve always preferred the fuzzy edge of my vision to the glasses clean edge. it’s the way things really are….


  19. Your blogs are so fun to read!


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