Nerds Weren’t Always Cool

When I was a kid my school would have book fairs. And by fair, I mean they would set-up some extra shelves in the library with books for sale. My teacher wanted each of us to buy one for an upcoming book report, which everyone seemed to hate (except for me).

What I wish I had said.

Some kids lie about sex or drug use. I lied about how many books I read. Well, at least that’s what I lied about when I was nine. Being a nerd in the early 90s wasn’t as hip as it is now.

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7 Responses to Nerds Weren’t Always Cool

  1. SimonB says:

    It was no better in the 80s…

    We had a little book stall at my secondary school (ages 11-18, whatever that relates to in US terms) which opened once a week for a few years, which I used to hang out at often enough for my Mum to end up running it for a while. 30 years on I still have some of the books. Luckily most of my friends also read a bit, but I still feel the trauma of visiting the homes of some of them for the first time and there not being a single book in the place, never mind the floor to ceiling bookcases we had at home.


  2. Grace says:

    I miss those book fairs… they were a lot of fun. Scholastic would come in and do one once a year, during lunch. I’d always save my allowance for book fair week.


  3. I used to check out 20 books at a time when I was a kid . . . the librarians got used to me . . .


  4. Noemi Z says:

    Aww, so cute! You can be proud of how well read you are now!

    My school has book fairs, too, but they are about selling the textbooks you don’t need anymore. I discovered there that I can easily convince people to buy things they’ll never use.


  5. Awww. Great anecdote. My mom started to work part-time for my school’s library — life couldn’t get any better!


  6. Nadia says:

    Aww, we could’ve been best friends when we were kids (if it wasn’t because I was best friends with the librarians already)


  7. inahans says:

    I still get weird stares when I pick up more than 2 books….! 😉


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