5 Ways You Know Your City Hates You

Poor drainage.

Overcrowded public transportation.

Absurd tickets.

It plagues you with the Blue Angels at Fleet Week every year.

It charges you to get into the city, but doesn’t charge you to leave.

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8 Responses to 5 Ways You Know Your City Hates You

  1. queenbree63 says:

    Ha ha! Good one.


  2. Noemi Z says:

    Haha, so easy to relate to! Is it mutual?


  3. rattoast says:

    Enjoy Fleet Week!!


  4. Grace says:

    Haha, that metro isn’t even that crowded compared to the DC one during rush hour!


  5. Nanny Society says:

    I always thout this was really funny in SF where, unless you live in Pinole, everyone leaving to the north has to pay to get out too.


  6. Anna says:

    I had to sit on a stranger’s knee once on the bus on the way into town, just because it was so overcrowded. I kind of just ended up in that posistion, and it was the longest bus ride of my life, both metaphorically and literally.


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