Are You Thankful? Flowchart

I’m behind on posts because I’ve been distracted by really bad tv shows, a new baby (not mine), and some serious fuckery going on with my job, which I can’t really talk about because it’s still my livelihood, even if it makes for a good story. Just believe me when I say that you would have a good laugh if I told you about it.

All this mix of good, bad, and mediocre though has me confused about how I really feel. So I created a semi-related, but not really, random flowchart.

I told you it was random, although I think butterflies probably have some relationship to being thankful. I think it’s the fluttering wings.

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6 Responses to Are You Thankful? Flowchart

  1. I do love the last part.


  2. underwhelmer says:

    I wasn’t thankful once and then I was attacked by a swarm of enraged butterflies. I think there’s a connection.


  3. Dontcha hate it when a great story is just screaming to get out, and you can’t let it? Like, when your mom is a crazy old lady who thinks her little suburban neighborhood is overrun by gangs, and uses a long-handled grabber to get the newspaper so she only has to open the front door two inches….
    Wait, that’s me…
    Bartender! ‘Nother drink, please!
    Bring my friend one while you’re at it…


    • Haha, that sounds like me too, except my neighborhood really does have visits from the SWAT team all the time. I try and convince myself though that they are just there for their bi-weekly potluck get together.


  4. fivefootwo says:

    Yeah, I’m good. Thanks, sometimes we need a flow chart.


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