The Cat Ate My Post

No, seriously.

However, I spent too much time drawing that cat for this not to be considered a real post.

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12 Responses to The Cat Ate My Post

  1. Looks like an extra “e” in your title. Thought you might want to know. Feel free to delete this comment. Love the post, though!


  2. I love the smell of typos in the morning…
    Good drawing.


  3. underwhelmer says:

    This is the alternate position I find my cat, Skittles, in. The primary position is hunched over her food bowl stuffing her face to fill the void in her kitty heart where love is supposed to go.


  4. Salime says:

    I want my money back! lol


  5. Salime says:

    no, you are supposed to give it! 😛


  6. I think you are my new favorite blogger.


  7. Hassaan says:

    Hi, i stumble upon ur blog today and it fascinated me alot… keep up the good work.. maybe u like mine too


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