Nerds and Movies

Last weekend I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in concert, and it was amazing.

There are three basics truths to seeing a movie in public though:

  1. People will be annoyingly late.
  2. Someone next to you will eat loudly or talk.
  3. There will be a crying baby.

With a crowd of nerds, these problems are even worse.

Late nerds block the screen more.

A lot of nerds are oblivious to others when they get sucked into a fantasy world.

Well, actually, crying nerd babies are just as annoying as crying regular babies.

I actually have a theory that nerds are late to everything because they have no real concept of time anymore since games are rarely played in real time.

Full disclosure: I’m a nerd.

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10 Responses to Nerds and Movies

  1. underwhelmer says:

    This post generates 3D6+5 points of awesome.
    500 EXP is shared among the party.
    *Peas and Cougars has reached Level 12!
    *You have (2) skill point(s) to distribute.


  2. “LEVEL 1 HUMAN:… best thing I have heard this week.


  3. Proto-humans. Babies are Proto-humans…

    (not a gamer, just a garden-variety sci-fi/fantasy nerd…)


  4. Excellent, excellent. No mention of the premature clapping?


  5. Laura says:

    Wow, that’s a shame — but that’s also why I decided not to see it when it was in my neck of the woods. Actually, though, when LOTR came out and they did the trilogy in theaters all over the country, my daughter (also a proper geek) and I went and watched the movies in total, awed silence. The *only* — and I mean ONLY — time a phone rang was early in FOTR< and the ringer apologized to the whole theater! I've hated to go to movies ever since; it's great seeing a film with a crowd, but like you said, geeks normally do NOT make good crowds. Unless they haven't seen the movie before!


  6. The bad crowd behavior notwithstanding, this must have been a great experience.


  7. iamscotia says:

    Your cartoons are all so funny. Love the first illustration.


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