Migraine or Tumor

For a long time I’ve suffered from chronic migraines. Migraines are like headaches, except they make you want to die.

It’s a running joke between me and the Husband that my body just doesn’t want me to ever have a good time.

My longest migraine lasted just over three weeks. Since normal people can’t take three weeks off of work and head to the spa for a diamond peel microdermabrasion to feel better (I AM THE 99%!), I existed as a hazy shell of myself.

Having a migraine is like having the worst superpower ever. All your senses are heightened, but your brain gets confused with all the messages so it just turns everything into pain.

Chronic migraines also have the added effect of making me paranoid.

I still have a hard time believing though that my body would just randomly cause me horrible pain for no real reason, but maybe my body is just a dick like that.

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32 Responses to Migraine or Tumor

  1. SimonB says:

    Ouch. Mine never last more than a couple of days, so you have all my sympathy. I’d offer advice on triggers ans medical options, but I imagine you’ve tried them all over time if they get that bad.


  2. itsa5doglife says:

    Love Love Love your blog more each time I read it! I also love your notice about ads – it cracked me up. Hope your headache gets better. I especially like the part about the paranoia – we all do that when something is wrong – I think we read too much on the internet. lol. I have a friend who walked in my office one day and said “I have Lupus.” I asked her when did she find out. “Oh, I haven’t gone to the doctor yet, but I have Lupus.” “Hmm,” I said. I asked her what made her come to that conclusion and she said, “I have a weird rash and it matches the one on the screen on the internet.” I told her to go to the doctor. Turns out she had flea bites from her cat. Have a great weekend and keep writing.


    • Ha! I was once convinced that I had Lupus (only because a doctor hinted that I might). Turns out it wasn’t Lupus, but I researched Lupus for days after that becoming more and more convinced and paranoid that I had it.


  3. There is nothing worse than pain that sets up housekeeping and refuses to leave.


  4. It’s naht a toomah.


  5. Marissa O says:

    I have a few comments: (1) I’m sorry you have such bad migraines!! (2) Does Luke have a widows peak?; and (3) your friend looks a little ill herself?? green skin…crazy!


  6. I get migraines all the time, my longest one was about a week. Fear not, fellow migraine suffer-er, thou art not alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, the comic strip thingies made me laugh. A lot.


  7. iamscotia says:

    This is great. I know whenever I have a massive headache, if i have some marijuana nearby I’ll just end up using that. Works every time. I don’t know if you’re averse to those kind of things but if you’re not then its worth a try.


  8. hA HA- definately been there, with migranes and other illnesses!. I once had an inner ear infection in a hotel room by myself in a foreign country. I wrote a note for my family about how I thought I was having a stroke (dizziness, couldnt walk, vommitting, eyes rolling) – and If i was left a vegetable rather pull the plug. Luckily no one ever saw it and I got to throw it away after a hospital stay!


  9. Jess says:

    I love this post because I also get chronic migraines and I also have a secret fear it’s a brain tumor that my neurologist is somehow not diagnosing (and I just want her to be House MD and not miss these things). Do migraine meds not work for you? I find my migraines would last days until I got a prescription for meds that treat them on the spot. The pills really do feel magical b/c they make the intense pain just go away.


    • I find my prescription medicine works best if I take it before bed, it doesn’t seem to really help during the day. A lot of the time though I’ll wake up in the morning feeling better, but then it slowly starts creeping up on me again. It’s evil.


  10. Nadia says:

    Oh my gosh. You’ve said it. Right there. It’s so hard for me to explain people what I’m going through, but now I just have to show them this. If I can get out of bed without vomitting.


  11. 3 weeks! poor you. that sounds terrible.
    but its a funny post though. I like the drawing of your paranoia. and the brain


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  13. Sara says:

    I’ve been there! The “medical student syndrome” always makes me paranoid & obsessive!
    It’s not your body’s fault. Even doctors don’t know a definite answer about migraines; they’re “idiopathic”, which reminds me of a quote from House M.D series: “Idiopathic, from the Latin, meaning we’re idiots ’cause we can’t figure out what’s causing it.”

    May God help you get through this! ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Hybel says:

    I totally see myself here – a bit scary, and wonderful, as it makes me feel, like I am NOT the only one in this world, who suffers from this, as I have chronic migraines too – and it’s like, as if you’d drawed me here. Especially the thoughts, as well the thing that I am finding myself thinking: migraines, please lie down and die, like NOW.
    I do take medicine, otherwise I wouldn’t have a life…

    I’m going to save this one and show it to people, if they ask what it’s like ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. rOxy says:

    You’re interpretation of migraine and your cartoon made me smile, despite of the gloomy colors.

    it made me laugh too! haha!

    My longest migraine was a week. And darn, i hated it. I hate the medication, I hate having it.

    I actually have now… but I totally forgot it while Iwas reading your blog. haha!



  16. Languages Of Art says:

    lol! Love it! Great funny comics!


  17. frbr94 says:

    Gawd! You’re so hilarious!
    You’d make a great comedian.


  18. freakinbeast says:

    I love the expressions on your cartoons, they are so reaistic. I have almost started to believe that you are a cartoon and you photograph yourself for your posts.


  19. I’ve so been there! I’ve been told it’s not a tumor, but I don’t quite believe it. There is no way my brain should be able to create that much pain by itself.


  20. Lisa says:

    I have had migraines since high school, that was over 10 years ago. I have literally said the same words to my boyfriend, “just kill me!” And it is so true migraines love to appear on a special occasion or a Friday, Saturday and all your friends definitely think it is this ongoing lame excuse but it is the real deal. I totally can relate to this blog, I had an ongoing migraine for weeks at a time, when to neurologists only for him to say, “You have migraines, we can give you these experimental drugs but there is really nothing we can do for them, your co pay is…” I basically self diagnosed myself in the car on the way there but at least that was free. Ha Ha! I digress. Your blog really inspires me.


  21. Sapna says:

    OMG!!! this is awesome stuff! All your posts are hilarious.

    I could especially relate to this one coz I have myself been going through headache, toothache, dizziness and all that sinusitis has to bring along with it from the past one month. I could totally relate to it .
    And since I also belong to the 99% I go to office in a zombie like state, have become a social outcast and paranoia sets in when I start thinking about it. I imagine it being some weird condition only one in a billion people suffer from and my doctor does not diagnose coz she doesn’t know abt it.
    Its crazy what no sleep and lot of pain can do to you.


  22. anonymously says:

    Whenever I have migraines I reel out and yell at everybody for no reason at all and burst into tears over the simplest things (I once started crying because I stepped in a puddle of water while I had a migraine) and unless I am in a dark, quiet room I CANNOT survive. I visualize a tumor in my brain too ๐Ÿ˜›
    Paranoia sucks bad.


  23. I am suffering as I type, I have had these cursed things since I was 3, I am now 32. I thought B group vitamins fixed me for a while, but my brain just laughed and hit me harder. going on 3 days again after I had one last week. I too sneeze stupid amounts, I once sneezed over 150 times,my mum counted. I feel jipped. There are no orgasms after 7 or more sneezes, only pain. Wonder if sneezing like this and chronic Migraines go hand in hand. I no longer drink = pain, I limit chocolate = pain. Period = pain. sun = pain, and the list goes on and on. My eye feels swollen, and my teeth feel like they will fall out on my left side. I am currently in the middle of volunteering for a festival. Guess my brain doesnt like this activity either.


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